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Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

A wireless network is a ubiquitous commodity to any organization. In that case, it should go without saying that security measures are in place with the latest wireless tools. If only that were the case. Close to 50% of IT leaders say their wireless components embody the weakest security link of their entire technology portfolios; furthermore, […]

Short Report: Why Associations Need Cyber Security

Think your association isn’t appealing to hackers? Think again. Associations are consistently the most at-risk organizations to be hit by cyber attacks simply due to the sheer volume of data they own, from membership and partner data to sponsor and vendor financial information. Associations are prime targets for hackers, and a cyber attack on an association can result in […]

Want to Get Hacked? Use This Email Provider.

Yahoo! hasn’t had the best year: failing to disclose that hundreds of millions of accounts were leaked years ago just as your organization experiences another hack isn’t the most ideal situation. Between the countless hacks and data leaks, it seems that the security team at the online media giant is always one step behind hackers out to steal […]

Neovera Joins F5 Networks UNITY Partner Program

Neovera’s Secure Performance Hub solution creates strong foundation for F5 partnership, empowering enterprises to deploy business critical applications in multiple public cloud infrastructures. RESTON, Va. – Neovera, Inc., a leading provider of cyber security services and enterprise cloud solutions, today announced it has joined the F5 Networks UNITY™ Partner Program. In joining F5’s Partner Program, Neovera […]

Instigate a Botnet DDoS Attack

Want to make a quick buck and don’t mind breaking a few laws in the process? You’re in luck – find the right people on the Dark Web and get ready to have botnet DDoS attack source code that can take down servers with a click of a mouse. But, when we really look at the details, […]

3 Billion Hacked Accounts – Find Yours on LeakedSource

There have been so many hacks over the past year that, to be honest, it’s no wonder even the most high-profile have been forgotten with time and a never-ending news cycle. Remember Target? Or even FourSquare? Well, LeakedSource has made it their mission to document every attack and make a profit off their work; this time, […]

Securing Data Collection for Associations

While much of the data security conversation falls into for-profit industries, more discussions should include non-profits and associations as well. The number of associations has nearly doubled in the last few decades, and in an era of “big data” and constant data collection it’s imperative to have the proper measures in place lest your organization […]

Attack Your Friends to Save Your Data

Ransomware is a great tool for hackers who want to generate quick cash – by creating an infected link, file, or website, an attacker can hold a user’s computer hostage until a ransom is paid. Obviously this tactic fails if your data is properly backed up, but many don’t utilize this option due to a lack of […]

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Webinar

According to the SEC, 82% of organizations believe their financial and customer data isn’t significant enough to warrant a hack. However, at least 50% of these businesses have experienced a breach in the past 12 months – many of which fail to recover. The goal of this webinar is to help businesses better understand the […]