Neovera Launches Secure Performance Hub Solution in Collaboration with Equinix

Securely Accelerates Cloud, Network & Application Performance for the Enterprise

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neovera, Inc., a leading provider of cyber security services and enterprise cloud solutions, today announced the launch of its Secure Performance Hub solution in collaboration with Equinix, the leading data center and interconnection company. The solution provides secure high-speed, high-capacity direct connections to any public cloud provider. With Neovera Secure Performance Hub, enterprises can easily create hybrid environments between their internal data center(s) and public cloud environments to ensure optimal application and workload performance across global network environments.
“Enterprises looking for a secure, end-to-end fully managed Performance Hub solution can take advantage of the numerous benefits Neovera offers without deployment hurdles or incurring a CAPEX burden on their budget,” said Ryan Child, President at Neovera. “We’ve bundled co-location, power, cross connects and servers into one simple offering, and deliver it with 24×7 continuous support provided by Neovera’s Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC) located in the LEED & SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II Equinix Data Center in Ashburn, VA.”

Neovera’s Secure Performance Hub empowers enterprises to deploy business critical applications in multiple public cloud infrastructures, with industry-leading security, availability, and performance that today’s businesses demand. As a result, Secure Performance Hub provides globally consistent network security and quality of experience to users—all while potentially lowering Total Cost of Ownership.

“As more and more enterprise customers look to incorporate cloud deployments in their overall IT infrastructure, it’s crucial that they have a secure and high-performance solution with direct access to multiple cloud providers,” said Greg Adgate, vice president of global technology partners and alliances. “Equinix is pleased to be working with Neovera to provide solutions that enable enterprises to solve real-world challenges and advance their IT initiatives in a cost-effective manner.”

About Neovera

Neovera is a trusted provider of complex hosting solutions, leveraging over 15 years of unmatched technical expertise in enterprise cloud solutions, cyber security, and infrastructure management services. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Neovera’s clients range from start-up and non-profit organizations, to global media, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. Our goal? To help our clients achieve the highest return on their IT investment, ensuring convenience, superior support, and security of their mission critical systems and data. Learn more at

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Neovera Expands National Datacenter Footprint

Neovera, Inc., a leading provider of IT consulting, cloud computing, and cyber security services, today announced the expansion of its national datacenter footprint to include San Jose, California and Secaucus, New Jersey. The new locations will allow Neovera to accommodate the growing demands of its customers and prospects.

“Expanding into these new locations was an obvious next step in our efforts to provide a comprehensive suite of managed services to our customers,” said Phillip Jewell, Vice President of Sales for Neovera. “The ability to accommodate business continuity requirements, craft disaster recovery solutions, and extend our full portfolio of services to customers across these two new strategic locations, on top of our significant existing presence in Ashburn, was a logical progression for us.”

“Whether it’s hybrid cloud, cyber security, or servicing latency-sensitive platforms, we’re committed to delivering meaningful options to our customers as their compute and security requirements continue to evolve. Expanding within the Equinix datacenter ecosystem in these locations allows us to accommodate the needs of our customers and prospects today, and well into the future,” said Jewell.

Such an expansion, combined with the company’s superior customer service and extensive cyber security services portfolio, provides Neovera with unparalleled expertise and capacity to serve clients located anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. As a result, Neovera’s customer base is rapidly growing.

The company provides 24x7x365 dedicated onsite monitoring, management and remediation of client infrastructures, including cyber security monitoring, application management, disaster recovery solutions, backup management, and database administration – ensuring client systems are always operating at peak performance.

“Our datacenters provide security and performance. What sets us apart from the competition is our security operations center, which is staffed 24×7 by security experts and analysts, located onsite at our datacenter complex, the largest Internet and Mobile traffic exchange in North America,” said M. Greg Shanton, Vice President of Cyber Security at Neovera. “Our Security Operations Center (SOC) facility is highly secure, equipped with armed guards, biometric access technology, and physical mantraps. Critical information systems are replicated in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted 24x7x365 service delivery uptime under all circumstances.”

The company offers a broad range of managed hosting services that are customized to meet any infrastructure need, regardless of size or complexity. Neovera’s platform allows clients the option to outsource their entire IT environment or simply have Neovera host their applications.

The Neovera Advantage:

  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Neovera ensures business critical data and processes are secured with minimal downtime.
  • CUSTOMIZED FLEXIBILITY – Neovera supports multiple DSR options for cloud and physical environments ranging from customer-provided to full turnkey solutions.
  • UNMATCHED EXPERTISE – Neovera has the technical expertise and resources to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver 24x7x365 failover protection.
  • SECURE SCALABILITY – Neovera helps clients architect, implement, and manage their existing IT infrastructure into a secure, scalable configuration that enables future growth.
  • ADVANCED THREAT INTELLIGENCE – Neovera’s security information and event management (SIEM) system aggregates and correlates data from security feeds such as network discovery, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection systems, creating a ‘single pane of glass’ for security experts to monitor and protect client enterprises.

For more information, please contact Neovera at (866) 636-8372 or

About Neovera, Inc.
Neovera is a trusted provider of complex hosting solutions, leveraging over a decade of unmatched technical expertise in IT consulting, cyber security, and infrastructure management services. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Neovera’s clients range from start-up and non-profit organizations, to global media, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. Our goal? To help our clients achieve the highest return on their IT investment, ensuring convenience, superior support, and security of their mission critical systems. Learn more at

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The Amazon Cloud vs. The Dedicated Server

The Amazon EC2 cloud has been a hot topic in the IT world recently. EC2 touts many benefits including scalability and lower costs. With all the hot talk about EC2, the good old dedicated server has been unfairly lost in the shuffle. Of course, both have certain benefits to certain people, but what is right for you? Does the dedicated server still reign supreme, or is the Amazon cloud the next big thing?

Amazon cloud and a dedicated environment may seem similar on the surface, for instance, both can be used in the cloud, meaning a dedicated server doesn’t always have to be physical server at your physical location – it could be a dedicated physical server provided by a hosting company offering dedicated servers. The reality is, though, that they are quite different.

Let’s breakdown some of these differences and find out who comes out on top.


One of the main selling points of the Amazon cloud is its simplicity when scaling. This means more computing power can be provisioned quickly and when it’s needed, but what does it mean as far as costs and needs go? Of course, it would be great to be able to scale up or down based on your website’s traffic, but this brings up an often-overlooked conundrum – consistency. When you scale up, your costs go up too, and the Amazon cloud’s scaling levels start fairly low, meaning even a minimal increase in traffic could mean increased costs and needs.

In a dedicated server environment you can generally prepare for increases in traffic by provisioning more computing power at the start. While this may lead to increased costs earlier on, it could save you later, as you don’t have to worry about skyrocketing costs during high traffic times. Instead, you have a fixed cost, and if you are coming close to a specific threshold, you can then scale your dedicated environment accordingly.

Furthermore, while Amazon touts “auto-scaling”, it in fact may need some human interaction, even if it’s minimal. While provisioning a new dedicated server would indeed need human interaction, it is something that can often be prepared in advance and wouldn’t be needed on the spot. Like with any part of business, preparation is often the key to success.

Speed & Performance

Amazon also claims to have significant performance benefits over other environments including dedicated servers, but this may not be the reality. In an article by PrintNet, one of their contributors performed his own speed and overall performance testing pitting a dedicated server versus the amazon cloud. What he found was surprising. The dedicated server improved performance in a number of areas including site speed (2.5x), consistency in response times, better capacity without scaling, reduced support effort, and a nearly 50% savings on server and hosting investment. The interesting part is, the Amazon cloud claims all of these things as benefites to the their environment. Hmm.

Redundancy & Complexity

One of the misnomers about the cloud is that it is totally redundant, and essentially “worry free”. The problem with this notion is that it is, well, simply not the truth. You see, in order to build redundancy in the cloud you have to actually build physical redundancy in the cloud. It doesn’t just automatically provide you with a backup plan. Creating this redundancy can be complicated and complex, causing more problems than it solves.

Bringing our conversation back to the cost factor, building redundancy may also cost more, as a single cloud instance may not be enough and may be less reliable than your typical dedicated server. The truth is, nobody likes higher costs and more complexity.


Another misconception is that the Amazon cloud offers more bang for your buck – basically tons of neat and useful features all while lowering your overall costs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, this another instance where the perception is different from reality. In fact, the costs of the Amazon cloud often double (or more) the costs of a dedicated server. A comparison was done by Rackaid (shown below), that shows the costs of the Amazon cloud vs. a dedicated server:

Dedicated Server AWS M3.XLarge
CPU 8 Core 8 vCPU
RAM 16 GB 15 GB
Storage 500GB RAID 1 500GB EBS
IP’s 8 8
Bandwidth 10 TB 1 TB
Panel cPanel None
Cost $195/mth $375/mth

Stats courtesy of Rackaid

As you can see, the dedicated server wins out in this scenario offering just as much or more than the Amazon cloud for almost half the price. Furthermore, costs can often be unpredictable with the Amazon cloud, while dedicated servers comes with fixed prices.


It looks to us that the dedicated server offers more speed, more reliability, more simplicity, and lesser overall costs – all things the amazon cloud claims to offer! This tells us that the good old dedicated server is the winner of this IT battle. Next time you’re thinking of moving to the Amazon cloud and leaving your dedicated server in the dust, consider these points, and really understand what you’re getting into, because odds are you’ll want your dedicated server back before you know it.

Is Your Datacenter Really ‘Certified’? Uptime Institute Changes Its Standards

A company’s datacenter is one of the most critical parts of its infrastructure. To safely house complex and expansive data, companies often hire a managed service provider to provide cloud computing services.  This is a beautiful thing for the company as it gives them the freedom to focus on other things but also safety in knowing that their data is always managed. What’s less beautiful is cloud providers misleading customers about their Uptime Institute certifications.

The Uptime Institute was founded in 1993 with the commitment to unbiased advisory that focused on improving business critical infrastructure performance, efficiency, and reliability. They a
re widely recognized for their tier certifications of data centers through certain certifications; mainly through the design of the datacenter, which is based solely on blueprints before the datacenter is constructed; and another certificate that is given once the datacenter is up ad fully functional.

There are four tiers, I through IV (seen in the chart below). IV is the highest tier and is reserved for only the most secure and redundant datacenters. This certification process is arduous and therefore the least attained one.


One of the main problems plaguing Uptime is that providers are obtaining the Tier Certification of Design Documents (blueprints), but then changing their designs before or during construction. After they make the changes they never go back to obtain the Tier Certification of Constructed Facility but still market that they have all the certifications.tier

In effect, the Tier Certification Design Documents has little use other than to show potential datacenter customers a recognized “seal” of approval. This seal then makes potential clients feel more comfortable signing on before the datacenter is actually completed – without knowing about the changes that could be made before the end of construction.

Uptime is not letting this malpractice stand any longer and will discontinue recognizing datacenters for Design Certifications alone. They currently list datacenters on their website that have obtained the Design Certification but soon they will no longer do this. Uptime is changing the way they operate due to “increased scrutiny from industry groups, oversight mechanisms, and legal bodies in North America.” The changes were put into effect on July 1, 2015, however they stated that any certifications awarded before this would not be affected.

Five Keys To An Effective Datacenter

Building a datacenter is tough. You need a datacenter that scales as you grow, all while diminishing cost and boosting return. This is the ultimate prize for any organization’s IT goals. Of course, it’s not always easy. Here are five ways to get the most out of your datacenter.

Keep It Simple

Too often companies will find their way into the trap of over-complicating operations. They add application after application, create a mess of managing them, and find themselves with too many operations with too much management. Creating too may holes or processes when trying to implement new technologies can halt progress. Implementing new technologies is great, but keeping the process simple makes sure those new technologies work best for you – and you’re able to innovate and quickly implement. Keeping it simple allows for more innovation, quicker implementation and ultimately a higher return and lowered costs.

Standardization Is Your Friend

The word “standard” tends to breed some shrugs and eye rolls. No one likes hearing that what they have or what they are doing is “standard”. However, following standards can often be a great thing. We don’t always have to think differently! This is true when it comes to the datacenter too. Using standards such as SDN (software-defined-networking) and other open protocols you can assure that your datacenter will be ready for the future. Furthermore, it provides flexibility as standards for a networking environment lead to more extended options down the line.

Scaling Your Datacenter As Your Demands Change

In years past it was much easier to determine what you would need out of your datacenter. Perhaps you just worked with a few databases or an internal application or two. These days, many companies use multiple databases and several applications ranging from distributed to cloud. To make sure you’re using your datacenter more efficiently and effectively it’s important to scale your datacenter as needed. Maybe your business need more bandwidth during certain times of the year – the holiday shopping season for example – and perhaps there are some lulls during other months. Whatever the case, scaling your datacenter to meet your current demand is one the keys to achieving success.

Get The Most Out Of Virtualization

Virtualization is a no-brainer for many organizations, mainly due to the cost benefits. However, if lower costs are your only reason you may want to rethink a few things. Business continuity is no longer a term used in only the most savvy and “wealthy” companies. Virtualizing a slice of your datacenter can help make a business continuity plan a reality. This obviously includes disaster recovery strategies and the ability to more easily move applications across locations, for instance, so your business can run smoothly and cost-effectively no matter the situation.

Using The ‘Smart’ Datacenter To Your Advantage

With advancements in technology come advancements in how we manage and view our datacenter on a daily basis. We can now gather loads of data about our own technologies – including application performance. Because of this we’re able to make on-demand decisions about our datacenter and how to use it most effectively.

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Datacenter Management: How Neovera Helps Protect Your Important Data

Neovera is a leader in Datacenter Management and Datacenter Services. As a datacenter-neutral company Neovera offers managed services for your organization’s datacenter facility, no matter the location. Whether it’s a third-party datacenter, an in-house datacenter, or Neovera’s state-of-the-art datacenter we will manage your environment and protect your valuable data.

What is the Neovera advantage?


  • Advanced electrical fire suppression technology
  • Multiple power grids, battery and diesel backups
  • N+1/N+2 redundancy across facilities
  • Excess cooling and fire protection
  • Reinforced building construction


  • 24x7x365 building security
  • 24x7x365 facilities personnel
  • Comprehensive video surveillance
  • Photo-ID check-in

The security of your data and the proper management of your infrastructure is imperative to your daily operations. Choosing your datacenter solution is also key to managing your infrastructure.


Neovera’s world class facilities are equipped with the finest technologies and security. The state-of-the-art NOC is managed 365 days a year by Neovera’s expert engineers. Our Equinix datacenter is located in Ashburn, VA.


Neovera managed co-location services include monitoring, management, and remediation for server hardware and networking equipment located in any third-party facility.


Have your own internal datacenter? Perfect! Neoevera will manage your infrastructure and leverage your existing environment to your best advantage while offering flexibility and increased efficiency.


Migrating your datacenter to another third-party facility? Perhaps you’ve decided Neovera’s datacenter solutions are the best for your business. Whether you’re migrating from one third party datacenter to another, or moving your infrastructure to a Neovera datacenter we are with you every step of the way. Neovera’s datacenter experts will develop a comprehensive migration plan with end to end implementation while minimizing downtime and disruption.

Your company’s infrastructure and datacenter are imperative to daily business. It’s important to work with experts in the field to ensure your business runs smoothly and isn’t disrupted by downtime or security breaches. Neovera is an expert in the field of datacenter management and is your IT partner of choice so you can focus on growing your business while we manage your infrastructure.