Direct-connect to your Amazon Cloud.

If your environment is located on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, Neovera can easily support your infrastructure. Keep part of your environment on the AWS Cloud while selecting one of Neovera’s secure cloud platforms to host your critical applications. We can integrate both platforms and connect your Neovera cloud to your AWS cloud, creating a cooperative platform that looks like one system. Our experts will provide continuous management and support of your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an integrated environment; the cost-efficiency of an AWS cloud, and the security, support and scalability of the Neovera cloud.

The Neovera Advantage

COST-SAVINGS – Reduce your IT costs while we help you manage your cloud-computing environment.

INCREASE CAPACITY – Take advantage of the best aspects of AWS and Neovera’s platform under one comprehensive service package.

EXPERT SUPPORT – Enjoy self-service cloud benefits with 24×7 support of Neovera’s dedicated service team.

DIVERSITY – Our cloud services are available to create cross-over solutions that combine AWS with private clouds, dedicated servers, and co-located equipment.

SCALE ON-DEMAND – Develop and deploy your applications faster and scale on-demand. Neovera works with you to understand your applications and implement a strategy that scales with the changing requirements of your environment.