Secure Custom Cloud Solutions.

For clients who want a private cluster of highly available, secure, and fully redundant virtualized servers, Neovera provides a custom cloud solution. With a custom cloud solution, clients are able to customize applications with specific resources and maintain full control of their cloud environment. We can assist in creating the best-fit solution for your environment and you can rest assured that your environment will be completely separated from other client infrastructures.

This model is best for organizations that want to fully self-design a cloud with the resources and functionalities of their choice. Like the other cloud options, a custom cloud offers the fully redundant virtualized infrastructure your company needs to ensure security and uptime. The difference between the custom cloud and other cloud options is that the final cloud product will be explicitly designed to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Neovera’s Custom Cloud allows:

  • SCALABILITY – Scale on demand and deliver security and business continuity for all applications.
  • TOTAL CONTROL – Fully control your cloud environment.
  • BOTTOM LINE RESULTS – Develop custom solutions to adhere exactly to your requirements.
  • HIGHLY SECURE – Feel secure by creating segregated infrastructure.