Transform Your Development and Test Environment.

Whether you need an environment to test and develop your existing applications, or you’re developing something new from the ground up, you need a platform that can support easy migration between development, test, and production. Neovera offers a solution that can help transform development and test environments and accelerate business value through a comprehensive, end-to-end approach using the cloud.

Our solution combines automation services with cloud and application virtualization to optimize development and test environments, making testing less costly and easier to accomplish. The same features that make the cloud perfect for test/dev, make it perfect to test moving production apps to the cloud. For a fraction of the cost of creating a virtualized solution in-house, a test environment can be set up to see how your production applications perform in the cloud, and you can create multiple test scenarios with the ability to scale up and down on-demand.

The Neovera Advantage

COST-SAVINGS – Test earlier in the software delivery cycle where errors are less expensive to correct.

RAPID DEVELOPMENT – Decrease cycle times and deliver releases ahead of schedule.

SCALE ON-DEMAND – Expand resources when needed by leveraging the Neovera Cloud.

INCREASE LEVEL OF TESTING – Create development and test environments on-demand.