Highly Scalable, Without The High Price Tag.

Building a highly scalable SaaS infrastructure can be expensive largely due to upfront costs. With zero-margin for error, the infrastructure must be absolutely reliable and scalable. Many software vendors simply lack either the expertise or resources needed to move to a SaaS delivery model.

Neovera is highly experienced in providing SaaS management services for global enterprise-class infrastructures, including compliance, capacity planning, and new technology integration. We will work directly with you to understand your specific SaaS requirements and deploy a successful solution for your business, ensuring security, scalability, and rapid system response. Neovera’s SaaS hosting services include core infrastructure management and monitoring with data protection, identity and vulnerability management, and application security.

The Neovera Advantage

UNMATCHED EXPERTISE – Use Neovera’s infrastructure and “know how” to quickly move to SaaS. We have substantial expertise in successfully implementing SaaS for companies of all sizes.

RELIABLE SUPPORT – Clients can focus on their SaaS application while Neovera focuses on the infrastructure, ensuring that your infrastructure is scalable so your software can run smoothly and perform at optimal capacity.

OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE – Neovera’s SaaS infrastructure provides enterprise-class availability, security and performance, fully backed by our service level agreements (SLAs).

PLAN FOR GROWTH – As your SaaS business grows, our highly scalable infrastructure will evolve with you.