Neovera is a trusted provider of complex hosting solutions, leveraging over a decade of unmatched technical expertise in IT consulting and infrastructure managed services.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Neovera’s clients range from start-up and non-profit organizations, to global media, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. Our goal is to assist clients achieve superior return on investment with the optimization and management of high-availability IT infrastructure solutions.

Neovera was founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced IT architects, starting with the development of an advanced distributed infrastructure for one of the first and most successful international banking “Software as a Service” platforms; an environment which scaled to hundreds of Windows and Unix servers transacting billions of dollars globally with zero unscheduled downtime.

Based on that extraordinary achievement, Neovera has grown to support hundreds of diverse client systems across multiple Tier-4 datacenters. Today, Neovera is the most experienced and technologically advanced IT consultant and vendor-agnostic hosting provider with 24×7 operations based onsite at the Equinix datacenter compound in Ashburn, Virginia, the largest Internet and Mobile traffic exchange in North America.

The 3 Ws of Neovera…


Super smart IT infrastructure experts.


IT infrastructure consulting and managed services.


To help you achieve your business goals.