Custom DR Solutions Engineered Around You.

Neovera offers disaster recovery solutions and services engineered around your architecture, business and budget requirements. Depending on your Oracle database license (Enterprise or Standard Edition) a variety of solutions are possible. We can design, deploy and manage your DR databases in multiple infrastructure configurations regardless of system location.

  • Datacenter to On-Site DR (Corporate Infrastructure)
  • Datacenter to Hosted DR (Neovera or External)
  • Datacenter to Private Cloud DR (Neovera or External)
  • Datacenter to Public Cloud DR (Neovera or Amazon)

Disaster recovery systems managed by Neovera are monitored 24×7 for replication lag times. We ensure systems are kept current by applying patches to primary databases and testing for availability and functionality on a regular basis. Our expert team can perform a complete business impact analysis to develop the optimal DR solution to protect your critical information, providing round the clock failover protection and business continuity so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

Oracle Golden Gate

A heterogeneous, near-real time replication between databases across multiple relational database management systems (RDBMS) and multiple database operating systems at different database levels. Golden Gate is the most configurable solution and allows for DR databases to be fully utilized. It also adds additional capabilities for data transformations and data filtering for distributed systems.

Oracle Data Guard

Data Guard is a more cost effective solution if you are licensed for the Enterprise Edition of Oracle. It is already included with your license and only available with EE. This approach offers three different configurations, which are a compromise of performance, impact to primary database, and data loss. Additional options can be purchased which can extend this solution to a real-time, always available and usable database.

3rd Party Replication

If you have budget contraints and are using Oracle SE, third party replication is a favorable option. This approach uses log shipping, which in the event of a complete primary system failure, provides you with a DR solution when some data loss is tolerated.