A comprehensive approach to securing your environment.

Neovera has over a decade of experience identifying risks and outlining specific, actionable steps to improve IT infrastructure security for companies in every industry.

Our expert engineers conduct security audits and penetration testing, as well as data replication and failover testing to determine the right solution for your environment. We apply our in-depth knowledge of existing security policies, procedures, controls and mechanisms, ensuring industry best practices and compliance standards. The Neovera team will help you prioritize your security issues and address your most urgent needs. Our comprehensive evaluation of your environment not only assesses the state of your current security systems, but also includes strategies to reduce future risk.

  • Security Audits

  • Penetration Testing

  • Data Replication

  • Failover Testing

  • Network Security Assessment

  • Application Security Assessment

  • Cyber Security Assessment

  • Data Security Assessment

  • IT Governance Risk

  • Compliance Audit

  • Enterprise Threat Levels & Risk Factors