Application Monitoring & Management

Neovera provides monitoring and management of custom and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) applications. Our goal is to optimize applications and infrastructure performance while enhancing responsiveness, and providing your customers, partners, and employees with the ultimate user experience. We provide secure, scalable, cost-effective and fully redundant application management solutions, ensuring that your data is safe with maximum infrastructure uptime.


Your custom applications are essential to your business. They are unique, always evolving, and come with a variety of complex requirements. At Neovera, we understand that in order to keep your applications running smoothly, the supporting infrastructure must perform properly. Using our infrastructure expertise, we are able to monitor and manage your entire application environment in real-time to prevent problems from impacting users, while retaining knowledge from recurring events to prevent outages.

As a Neovera client, you receive a dedicated team of engineers that provide 24×7 support and management of your system. Your expert team will quickly learn the details of your custom applications and gain a solid understanding of how your system works, helping you achieve cost-savings, system scalability, and increased operational efficiency.


Neovera’s engineers are highly experienced with industry leading commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebsSphere, and Apache. With our in-depth expertise of COTS applications, we know how to manage and operate your high performance systems. Our experts know the application details and have a solid understanding of core infrastructure requirements that enable applications to run smoothly.

The Neovera Advantage

  • FASTER DELIVERY – Rapid delivery of new application releases and updates to end-users.
  • SCALE ON DEMAND – Utilize Neovera personnel to provide flexibility and scalability to meet periods of peak demand.
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT  By learning your software, we provide you with expert support and the best management possible.