Safe and Secure. Zero Downtime.

Neovera’s enterprise backup solution is a fully managed service for companies seeking data backup and data restoration capabilities. We provide a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for environments of all sizes. Our solution is available as a scalable model that adjusts to your change in requirements and provides a cost-effective option for addressing key elements of a disaster recovery plan.

Having backup management services in place not only protects the virtual investments you’ve work so hard to build, but also helps eliminate daily management risks while increasing productivity. Our team of experienced engineers perform daily backups, replicating your mission critical data so that it’s always safe and secure. With Neovera, you will be the first to know when issues affect the protection and availability of your environment and our staff will be ready to resolve those issues immediately, ensuring zero downtime.

The Neovera Advantage

  • SECURE – Superior support with dedicated 24x7x365 monitoring and crisis management of your backup infrastructure.
  • SCALABLE – We engineer solutions around you. Our consultants will assess your existing backup management strategy and tailor our services to meet your specifications.
  • RELIABLE – Centralized and consistent reporting for data backup management and archive operations, allowing your own staff to focus on day-to-day operations.


As businesses face the challenges of managing growing data volumes, addressing big data issues, and building a potential cloud strategy, these challenges drive the importance of planning, integrating, managing, and supporting their storage infrastructures. Neovera alleviates that burden with our storage management services. Our expert engineers provide 24×7 monitoring and management of your storage infrastructure, optimizing your storage environment for your database applications.

Having a unified view of the performance and status of your storage environment helps identify how your storage resources are currently used and how they will be used in the future. Having visibility across your storage infrastructure ensures that you can continuously monitor the performance of the SAN environment, identify the busiest LUNs, RAID groups, disks, and ports across multi-vendor storage arrays, and monitor the performance of multiple protocols such as fiber channel switches, NFS, and iSCSI.

The Neovera Advantage

  • Deliver real-time SAN, NAS, DAS performance monitoring
  • Generate policy-based alerts on storage status and usage thresholds
  • Manage storage resources without impacting network and device performance
  • Generate out-of-the-box reports to assess storage device performance
  • Proactively manage storage usage and reclamation of storage space