IT Experts With Decades of Experience

Neovera is a trusted provider of cyber security services and enterprise cloud solutions, leveraging over 15 years of experience in preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber threats. The bottom line? We protect your business and critical information from cyber attacks.

If Neovera was a religion I would be a believer.

Sean Marshall – K2M, Inc.


As IT environments grow more complex companies must adopt new technologies and applications, improve how they store & manage data, and – most importantly – stay current with security standards.

For over 15 years Neovera has helped businesses big and small overcome these immense challenges while maintaining consistent and secure performance.


Neovera recognizes the unique needs of your business and industry.  We work with businesses big and small across many areas such as banking & finance, healthcare, non-profit, technology, education, entertainment, and more.

Our experience in these distinctive areas allows us to solve unparalleled problems all while offering maximum return on investment.


Neovera is dedicated to delivering impeccable customer service and technical support 24×7 to each and every client. We provide a team of at least three dedicated resources who are always accessible and personally responsible for each client.

These resources are backed by Neovera’s experienced 24×7 Network Operations Center Staff system specialists and senior architects.


Neovera was founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced IT architects, starting with the development of an advanced distributed infrastructure for one of the first and most successful international banking “Software as a Service” platforms; an environment which scaled to hundreds of Windows and Unix servers transacting billions of dollars globally with zero unscheduled downtime.

Based on that extraordinary achievement, Neovera has grown to support hundreds of diverse client systems across multiple Tier-4 datacenters.

Today, Neovera is the most experienced and technologically advanced IT consultant and vendor-agnostic hosting provider.

Our 24×7 operations based onsite at the Equinix datacenter compound in Ashburn, Virginia, the largest Internet and Mobile traffic exchange in North America.


cyber events identified daily


records saved


total cost savings by preventing attacks

Neovera Leadership


Scott established Neovera in March 2001 as a managed services provider committed to delivering results through the innovative use of technology.

Scott Weinberg

CEO & Founder
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Together with a team of highly experienced IT architects, Scott started with the development of an advanced distributed infrastructure for one of the first and most successful international banking “Software as a Service” platforms. From that extraordinary achievement, Scott has helped Neovera grow to support hundreds of diverse client systems. Scott boasts more than 20 years experience in information technology and managed services. He earned his B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Boston University. Scott held both Senior Principal and Director of Technology positions at Sapient and American Management Systems (AMS).


Ryan is responsible for developing and executing Neovera's long-term growth strategy by defining business development activities and establishing Neovera as a premier hosting & managed services company.

Ryan Child

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He also works to define our business development activities and to establish Neovera as a premier hosting and managed services company, leveraging his 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He earned a B.S. from University of Maryland at College Park and an MBA from George Washington University. Prior to his work at Neovera, Ryan has held various sales and business development positions with VERITAS Software, Compuware Corporation, and Edge Technologies.


Greg leads the cyber security professional services, monitoring, and management services for both commercial & government clients.

Greg Shanton

VP of Cyber Security
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Mr. Shanton is the Vice President of Cyber Security for Neovera, leading the cyber security professional services, security monitoring, and management services for Neovera providing services to both commercial and government clients. Before joining Neovera, Mr. Shanton served in various capacities at CA Technologies, as Senior Vice President of CA’s professional services North American and Global Practices units, Vice President of the Identity and Access Management practice and the global lead for CA’s Cloud Security (Secure Cloud) partner program. Clients included both public and private sectors.


Mr. Shanton has more than 24 years of experience in the fields of information security, cryptography, security consulting, and software engineering, including the deployment of multiple global security systems. Greg has worked for various organizations in security consulting and engineering capacities in both the commercial and public sector markets including work in identity & access management, application security, cryptography, key management, PKI, VPNs, and network/host security. For his innovations in information security, Mr. Shanton has been awarded multiple patents.


As the COO, Al provides leadership & management of the technology infrastructure & operations for managed services, enterprise strategic planning, and efficiency processes to support sustained growth.

Al Morisato

Chief Operating Officer
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He comes with a vast range of experience serving as the Chief Information Officer of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), and later assumed additional responsibilities for operations and was named the Chief Operations and Technology Officer (COTO). Earlier, in his career Al held various leadership positions at Freddie Mac, where he led the delivery of large scale technology solutions, and managed the ongoing operational activities. He has also led and managed a diverse set of technology practices that provided specialized services.

Al holds a B.S. from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Mechanical Engineering, and has pursued continuous education in the areas of information technology and executive leadership.

The Safety of Your Data is Our Main Priority

You can’t stand guard for your data and critical systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week – but Neovera can.  We’re constantly monitoring threats around the globe to ensure the security of your infrastructure.


Our success relies on the success of our customers.  With our many years combating cyber threats and implementing cloud solutions we have a ton of stories to tell.  Here are the some of the best.



See how Neovera helped Proponix – a large financial services consortium – secure its sensitive data.




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